Ford Ranger Kentros by Delta 4x4

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Australian tuning firm Delta 4x4 gets its hands on the all-new Ford Ranger to give it an added dose of off-roading goodness.

The Ford Ranger you see before you will not be sold in North America. You see, Ford has determined that the compact pickup segment in the US isn't worth the investment, leaving GM, Nissan and Toyota as the only automakers with compact pickups for Americans. It's a shame because the all-new Ford Ranger is really quite something. Available in overseas markets such as South America and Australia since last year, the new Ranger is built on a new compact pickup platform with a range of engine options, both gas and diesel.

So we shouldn't be shocked that tuning firms are now adding their own unique touches to the pickup we can't get. Australian tuning firm Delta 4x4 has is chief among them, revealing details and photos of its modified Ranger it calls the Kentros. Befitting its rugged appearance, the modified truck was named after a dinosaur called Kentrosaurus which roamed the earth millions of years ago. Beginning with a stock Ranger, the firm raised its height by just over 12 inches which in turn allows it to navigate a slope up to 36 degrees. (For comparison, the standard Ranger is only able to do this at a 28 degree slope.)

Adding further to its enhanced off-roading toughness are larger wheels, a suspension lift, a stainless steel front bar and side steps. Once you add in the price of the base Ranger, a fully-equipped Kentros goes for 45,000 euros.

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