Ford Raptor is Too Awesome to be Kept on Dealer Lots

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Quick translation: that Baja ready off-roader continues to be a huge sales success.

You'd think that in this day and age consumers would be looking to buy a car that was easy on the wallet at the gas pumps. But what fun would that be? You only live once, you know. It turns out that plenty of people are abiding by that principle. A new report is stating that Ford's F-150 SVT Raptor is not only a continued sales success, but that it's also one of the fastest-turning vehicles in the US these days. Ford dealers reportedly only have a 15-day supply of the outrageous truck on their lots.

Sales of the truck were up by a record 14 percent during eight of the past 10 months. Considering that the high-performance SVT Raptor is very much a niche vehicle, these numbers are truly quite something. To help meet this demand, Ford is now planning to increase production from three to five trucks per hour. Even Chrysler's Ram division has taken note of the Raptor's phenomenal success as its now supposedly considering a rival extreme off-roader of its own. And with the next-gen F-150 just around the corner, Ford has already confirmed that a new Raptor is also in development.

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