Ford Recalls 250,000 Pickup Trucks Because Its Brakes Don't Work


GM should take note on how to put out recall fires before they spread.

It’s a pretty cool thing to be the company behind one of the best selling cars in the world and the most popular vehicle in America. Ford has held that title with it’s F-Series pickup trucks for the last 39 years, and some have even called the truck the best profit machine in history. The only problem with having a vehicle that is so highly infiltrated on roads everywhere is that when something goes wrong, the costs of fixing the problem really starts to add up.

That’s precisely what has just happened to Ford because it has issued a recall for 271,000 F-Series trucks that have faulty brakes installed. The affected models are the 2013 and 2014 model year F-150 trucks equipped with the 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6. The problem is with the master cylinder, which can leak brake fluid onto the booster and render the front brakes useless. Ford knows of nine crashes that may be linked to the problem, although the NHTSA has 107 complaints about the problem and has since opened an investigation. Aside from being deadly, crashes are expensive. One owner from Arkansas has claimed that they have rear ended other cars three times because the truck wouldn’t stop or the pedal would just go to the floor.

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To make matters worse, the tortured customer cannot get rid of the truck. “I still own this truck because I still owe a lot of money on it,” they said. “I can’t afford to get rid of it. So I just hardly ever drive it unless I have to.” Another complaint has a statement from an eyewitness confirming that they saw an F-150 crash without braking despite seeing the brake lights on. To right its wrong, Ford will replace the master cylinder on all affected models at an unspecified date. If a leak is detected, a new booster will be installed as well. Given recent findings that bring the safety of full-size trucks into question, try not to crash into any small and rigid objects given that F-150s built before 2016 have poor small overlap crash ratings.