Ford Refuses To Sacrifice The Perfect Name For A New Mustang


This needs to happen.

We've known for at least a year now that Ford plans to launch a new performance-focused all-electric crossover with Mustang inspiration. No, the Mustang itself is not adopting a pure electric drivetrain, but it does offer something new Ford models could really use: style and attitude. So wouldn't it make sense for Ford to further capitalize on the Mustang in some way for its first from the ground-up EV? Of course, hence the name Mach-E being floated around. However, Ford previously denied plans to use this for the EV crossover, but we'll just have to wait and see.

But according to, Ford has re-filed a trademark for a certain other nameplate: Mach 1.

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Last week, it turns out, Ford requested the Mach 1 trademark for "land motor vehicles, namely, automobiles and their engines." Mach 1 was also previously rumored for the EV crossover, but backlash from Mustang fans ensued. But calling the EV 'Mach E' likely wouldn't annoy those fans, especially if Ford applies Mach 1 to something else, say a future electrified Mustang.

This way, Ford could continue to capitalize on the Mustang's past and present while at the same time paving the way forward with new powertrain tech. It's a win-win. It also must be pointed out Ford owns the trademark 'Mustang Mach-E' as well. Take it for what it is, or isn't.


Word has it the electrified Mustang is still a few years away. The Mustang-inspired EV crossover, however, is due in 2020. It will be the first vehicle to spawn from Ford's $11 billion plan to offer customers 16 battery-electric and 24 hybrid models globally by 2022. Will an electrified Mustang be included in that? The chances are very likely. But its chosen name is still a mystery. Perhaps Ford has not even reached a final decision.

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