Ford Reminds Rivals Why The F-Series Rules

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The 40-millionth example was just built.

The Ford F-Series needs no introduction. It's only been the best-selling vehicle in America for 40 years. On top of that, it's America's best-selling truck, a title it's held for 45 consecutive years. Today, Ford has announced the 40-millionth example, an F-150 Tremor, has just rolled off the assembly line in Dearborn, Michigan at the Dearborn Truck Plant. It'll soon be heading to its new owner in Texas, a state with one of the highest numbers of pickup trucks in the country (Wyoming remains No. 1).

Ford marked the occasion by releasing some special photos of not only the F-150 Tremor itself, but also it parked next to a 1950 F-1. It may sound hard to believe, but the Blue Oval first began building F-Series trucks 75 years ago in 1947, just two years after the conclusion of WWII.

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The F-1, F-2, F-3, and F-4 trucks all hit the market in 1948. They were immediate hits. The first-generation F-Series remained in production until 1950. Now in its fourteenth generation, the F-Series is more popular than ever.

It's so popular, in fact, that Ford went to great lengths to keep output moving as steadily as possible during the semiconductor chip shortage crisis. Keeping the F-150 production lines shut down in Missouri and Michigan, and in Kentucky and Ohio for the Super Duty versions, was simply not an option. Once proper employee safety protocols were firmly in place to help prevent spreading the pandemic, the assembly lines started up again, despite the chip shortages.

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Thousands of nearly completed trucks still required chips but Ford has managed to create some clever shortcuts, such as removing a few unnecessary features, to ensure dealerships remain stocked. Demand in demand, after all. The F-Series is the main moneymaker for Ford and this won't change in the electrification era.

The fully electrified F-150 Lightning is a smash hit as customers, new and old, raced to place a deposit to hopefully guarantee a truck. Ford quickly realized the gravity of the situation; its initial planned production count was not enough. The solution? More than double output and hire additional factory workers to help make that happen. Come 2025, a completely redesigned F-150 Lightning will arrive. For now, the F-Series as a whole rightly deserves some major recognition.

2021-2022 Ford F-150 Front-End View Ford 2021-2022 Ford F-150 Dashboard Ford 2021-2022 Ford F-150 Infotainment Setup Ford
2021-2022 Ford F-150 Front-End View
2021-2022 Ford F-150 Dashboard
2021-2022 Ford F-150 Infotainment Setup

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