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Ford Reveals 12 Mustangs Coming to SEMA

SEMA 2014

A mob of modified Mustangs are headed to Las Vegas.

Ford will turn the spotlight on the 2015 Mustang in Las Vegas next month, after revealing over a dozen modified models are headed to SEMA 2014. Aftermarket firms including Galpin Auto Sports, Roush, Petty’s Garage and MRT have been tasked with transforming the Mustang mob, and it is the first of these that appears the most striking. Celebrating Mustang’s golden anniversary, Galpin has given the Stang a black paint job with gold flecks, and highlighted it with the precious metal.

As well as the gold 20-inch wheels, brake calipers, badges and side sills, the Stang also gets a 5.0-liter V8 complete with Whipple supercharger for a 725-hp output, new headlights and black-and-gold Recaro seats. The result is one very serious Pony car. Finished in Richard Petty’s No.43 livery, Petty’s Garage Mustang features a Roush supercharged powerplant, and will later be auctioned for charity, while the two-tone black/orange Stang is the work of MRT who added new brakes, an Air Lift suspension, new front splitter and hood, and a host of other mechanical and aesthetic upgrades. No details are forthcoming on the other Stangs ready to stampede SEMA, but we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

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