Ford Reveals Finalists For New Mustang Package Name

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The automaker received more than 25,000 submissions from Mustang fans.

The all-new Ford Mustang is just weeks away from being unveiled, but it seems the Blue Oval is still undecided on several minor details. Earlier this year, Ford challenged fans to come up with a creative name for the S650 Mustang's Black Accent Package. A few weeks later, CarBuzz uncovered a new trademark that suggested Ford had finally decided on a winner - Dark Horse.

But it seems the search for the perfect name isn't over yet. The Ford Mustang Twitter page recently posted the four finalist names and asked Mustang fans to choose their favorite. "There were too many good name submissions for the Mustang Black Accent Package (thank you!)," it reads. "So we need your help again. What's your favorite?"

Ford CarBuzz

The four names - Nite Pony, Shadow Stallion, Alastor, and Shadowmare - have a strong chance of becoming a future package name for the new Ford Mustang. According to the company's purpose-built website, submissions are now closed (more than 25,000 suggestions were submitted) so it's safe to assume it's down to one of these four names.

We're not sure when Ford will unveil the new package name, but won't be surprised if all is revealed when the Mustang debuts at the 2022 Detroit Motor Show in September. It's possible that the Dark Horse nomenclature will still be used, but for something else. It may very well be a high-performance model or a special edition with unique styling accoutermants.

Ford Mustang/Twitter Ford Mustang/Twitter

What we do know is that the seventh-generation Mustang will use revised versions of the 2.3-liter EcoBoost and 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engines. It's unclear whether they will receive more power, but rumors indicate some GT models will pack as much as 500 horsepower under the hood.

Ford has confirmed that the S650 will be made available with a manual gearbox, an option that is becoming increasingly rare as the electric era draws near. That being said, we can expect an all-electric Mustang to arrive by 2028, but traditionalists shouldn't fear. Company CEO Jim Farley has promised that the ICE-powered Mustang will live on for as long as possible.

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