Ford Reveals Men's Only Explorer Special Edition To Celebrate Women's History Month

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The "Men's Only Edition" shows just how terrible the modern car would be without women.

To celebrate Women's History Month, Ford has released a humorous video about a fictitious new Explorer special edition called the "Men's Only Edition."

Releasing a special edition for men amid a celebration of the fairer sex may seem odd, but the tongue-in-cheek video quickly makes sense. "For the first time ever, we've completely reimagined the automobile," says a velvety smooth man's voice. "Introducing the Men's Only Ford Explorer, with no windshield wipers, no heater, no turn signals, wait: no rearview mirror [and] no GPS, are you kidding? Ah, it's missing all the parts created by women."

Sadly, even in 2023, the automotive world is still considered a boys' club, and it's still a challenge for women to break into the industry despite the incredible gifts and talents they may possess. Despite this, many are pioneers and change the motoring landscape for the better.


This video highlights how women have been pivotal figures in the history of the motorcar - inventing common sense items that men didn't think of. "This Women's History Month, Ford salutes the visionary automotive work by women past, present, and future."

The windscreen wiper was invented by Mary Anderson in 1902 after the entrepreneur noticed streetcar operators had to keep on hopping off to clear snow from the windscreen. Nine years before that Margaret A. Wilcox came up with the idea of a car heater, so you have her to thank when you're commuting on a chilly morning.

A doyenne of Hollywood was responsible for the invention of the first automated signaling arm, a precursor to the turn signal we know today. Sadly, Florence Lawrence reportedly never patented the invention and, therefore, never got official credit.

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Elmer Burger is credited with inventing the rearview mirror, patenting it in 1921, but the concept stretches back to 1909. In her book The Woman and the Car, Dorothy Levitt wrote women should "carry a little hand mirror in a convenient place when driving" to hold the mirror aloft from time to time to see behind while driving in traffic.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) wouldn't have been possible without Gladys West, a trailblazing mathematician whose satellite geodesy models were incorporated into GPS systems.

Last year, Infiniti partnered with Waze to bring attention to women-owned businesses and highlight landmarks associated with women's history.

Thankfully, the "Men's Only Edition" won't be going on sale. Happily, the regular Explorer is still available - with all the important bits women invented.


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