Ford Reveals Petrol-Scented Perfume

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It supposedly smells like rubber and horse.

We're living through some pretty strange times. We're in the midst of a global pandemic, the Fast & Furious movie franchise has ended up in space, and electric cars are starting to take over our streets. The US is taking decisive steps to end the dominance of ICE vehicles, with certain states planning to ban new sales of gas-powered vehicles altogether. In their place steps cars such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Ford's first-ever electric car is setting sales records and breaking world records, but some are still not convinced. To remedy this, Ford has unveiled a gasoline-scented premium fragrance for those who still want to remember the good old days while charging up.

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The fragrance was unveiled at this year's Goodwood Festival Of Speed, and Jay Ward, Ford's actual director of Product Communications in Europe is sure that it will be a hit.

"Judging by our survey findings, the sensory appeal of petrol cars is still something drivers are reluctant to give up. The Mach Eau fragrance is designed to give them a hint of that fuel-fragrance they still crave. It should linger long enough for the GT's performance to make any other doubts vaporize too," said Ward.

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The fragrance was born after a survey showed that the smell of gasoline would be one of the most missed elements of giving up an ICE vehicle. The survey also showed that the smell of gas ranked above wine and cheese, and was nearly as popular as the smell of new books. The new fragrance, called 'Mach-Eau' doesn't smell exactly like gasoline (that would be a tad dangerous), and takes on the scent of rubber, smoky elements, and a dab of "animal" elements, supposedly mimicking the smell of a horse. The fragrance is not for sale just yet, but if this is what it takes to convince some to go electric, then by all means Ford, scent them up.

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