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Ford Reveals Self-Driving Semi Truck Inspired By Marvel Superheroes

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This is what Ford thinks semi trucks will look like in the future.

Tesla might not be the only carmaker looking to enter the semi-truck segment, as Ford has unveiled a new electric semi-truck concept at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany. Called the F-Vision Future Truck concept, Ford's first ever concept truck features an electric tractor with Level 4 self-driving capability and previews a future where semi trucks boast lightweight construction and zero emissions.

Ford didn't provide any details about F-Vision's electric powertrain or range, however, so it isn't clear if the semi-truck would be suitable for long distance hauls.

It did, however, confirm that the F-Vision's futuristic, aerodynamic design was inspired by Marvel superheroes and how they change and adapt to environments. Squint, and you could argue the front-end loosely resembles Iron Man's helmet. The design inspiration is most apparent in the windshield, which descends and increases the field of view inside the cab.

Elsewhere, the concept has massive wheels, a front fascia featuring air intakes surrounded with slim LED headlights, and cameras replacing the side mirrors. Even the cargo trailer has aerodynamic elements such as recessed wheels and sculpted panels.

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Ford also said the F-Vision features an "interactive front end" that can display different designs and communication methods but didn't provide any further details. Ford's signature oval badge is also missing and has been replaced with a back-lit badge that spells "Ford."

Ford's semi truck concept is just a vision for now, but it could influence design elements of the automaker's future trucks.