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Ford's All-Electric Mach 1 Crossover Won't Be Mustang-Based?

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Heck, it may not even be called 'Mach 1.'

Last January at Detroit, Ford announced plans to launch an all-electric crossover, dubbed Mach 1, set to debut sometime in 2020. More recently, we learned that the Mach 1 name, a direct tribute to the famous Mustang, may not be attached to the eventual production car. And now, according to Autocar, it may not even be based on the Mustang's rear-wheel drive platform as originally indicated. Instead, the Mach 1 (or whatever it'll be called) will feature "Mustang-derived styling features." If that's the case, what will Ford use to underpin the crossover?

Apparently that duty is being assigned to the C2 platform, which underpins the new Focus. Although the new Focus, which will only be sold in the US as the semi-crossover Focus Active, comes standard with FWD, its platform was engineered from the get-go to accommodate AWD, something the Mach 1 will very likely have. Like all car-based crossovers, the Mach 1, codenamed CX430, will sport a hatchback-like body style, though with Mustang inspired styling, and a raised seating position. Question is, assuming this report is true, why won't Ford be using the Mustang's RWD platform for its new EV? After all, the current Mustang is also a global model.

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The likely answers are that the C2 platform is newer and therefore better equipped for the task at hand, and it's probably cheaper to build. Furthermore, the outgoing Focus was built at several production facilities across the world, while the Mustang is only built at one (in Flat Rock, Michigan). If the Mach 1 is only the first of several EV crossovers, then having a global production line already in place makes an awful lot of sense. Ford president of global markets, Jim Farley, previously described the Mach 1 to media as "Low slung. Sleek silhouette. Zero emissions…a 4-door utility with the rebel soul of a Mustang." However, he did not mention two things at that event: the name Mach 1 itself, and the phrase (or something like it) "Mustang-based."