Ford's Atlas Concept Evolution

Ford gives us a look at how its stylists came to the final design for the well-received Atlas pickup truck concept, which heavily previews the next-gen F-150.

There’s no question that the Ford Atlas Concept stole the spotlight from the new Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra at their debut last January at Detroit. The Atlas is a preview of the 2015 F-150. Judging by the way the concept looks, the automaker should have no problem retaining its crown in building the best all-around full-size pickup on the market. So perhaps to partly gloat on the Atlas’s success so far, Ford has released a series of concept sketches that show how its designers came to style their sleek yet manly new truck.

Designers ended up combining two early drawings they liked into what became the Atlas. The first is called the Bullet Train, which features more aerodynamic and futuristic styling, while the second, appropriately branded the Locomotive, is more angular with a design that has more in common with the current F-150. Overall, we dig how the designers managed to blend the sketches into one, along with some nifty features like the aero shutters in the wheels and the tail-gate step that doubles as a cargo cradle.

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