Ford's Drunk Driving Simulator Proves Drunken Basketball Is Impossible To Play

If ever there was a way to stop drunk driving from happening...

Hilarity ensues when Motor1 tests out Ford’s drunk drivingsimulator suit at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. Of course the issue of drunk driving is no laughing matter, butthe technology to simulate it surely is, especially when the person donning theequipment does a few things to test its virtues. With a basketball in hand, the “drunken” master attempts a free throw and also tries to walk a straight line. The validity of this tech is questionable. However, maybeit can be used to train policemen?

That doesn’t make much sense, though. After all, how hard is it to spot a stumbling buffoon who can’t say his or her own name? Unless the police officer is blind and deaf, it’s not very hard. Regardless, this video is hilarious to watch. And for someone who’s never gotten drunk or who doesn’t view drunk driving as a big deal, this is a must-see.

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