Ford's FPV Division to Go Out in Style with Falcon XR8

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Before Ford Australia shuts down Falcon production in 2016, its FPV division will end life first.

We've known for a few weeks now that Ford will end Falcon production in Australia in just a few years. That doesn't mean anything for US or even European Ford buyers, but for Australians that means it'll soon be the death of their beloved rear-wheel-drive Falcon sedan. It's an utter shame. But for those who didn't know, Ford Australia also has its own in-house performance division, called Ford Performance Vehicles.

When 2016 comes around, Ford Australia will quit building the RWD V8-powered Falcon, but before that happens, FPV will shut its doors. According to a new report, FPV will die first, but not before it's allowed to do one last goodbye present to enthusiasts. It turns out it plans to revive the Falcon XR8, an even more high-performance variant of the famed sedan. Considering the current Falcon GT from FPV has a 450-hp supercharged V8, the XR8 should be quite something. The Falcon itself will get one last refresh for 2014, so at least Ford is letting it go out in style. FPV was only started back in 2002, but it sadly won't be around much longer.

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