Ford's Latest Accomplishment Is Really Going To Annoy Chevy

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Chevy fanboys are going to be crushed.

Ford has been kicking ass and taking names as of late, and now it has a new accomplishment to crow about. For the first time since 2009 the Mustang is outselling the Chevy Camaro. According to The Detroit News, 56,571 Mustangs have been moved in the first five months of 2015. That absolutely wrecks the Camaro's total sales figures of 33,982 units. As you guessed, the Dodge Challenger has come in third with 30,166 cars sold through the end of May.


Winning sales battles is always a good thing but Ford had outside help. For starters it introduced a new Mustang last year, and an updated version this year, while Chevy stood pat. The new Camaro recently bowed at Belle Isle but it's still not available to consumers. Dodge likely helped steal a few Camaro customers with its new Hellcat package. What is surprising are the engine options that helped put the Mustang over the top. A whopping 35 percent of new Mustang buyers are millennials, and they prefer the 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost Mustang to its big V8 counterpart.

That being said V8s make up 40 percent of the Mustang's total sales, meaning the new GT350 and GT350R should have no problem finding homes. Chevy has taken notice of the smaller engine love as evidenced by its new base Camaro offering a turbo-four. Dodge seems to be playing the power game with no desire to drop the engine size of its Challenger. We're fine with that as the world needs more Hellcats.

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