Ford's Latest Car Recall Doesn't Recall Any Cars


Try saying that after a few beers.

Typically when an automaker posts a recall, owners have to take in their cars to be fixed and the issue can sometimes cause the vehicles to be dangerous to drive. Other times the issue can be benign, like what happened recently with Volkswagen's plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. VW was forced to recall around 124,000 vehicles because sections of their charging systems contained a metal that would be harmful to the environment when recycled, but posed no threat to consumers.

We called the issue "Plugingate," and now Ford is issuing its own recall on plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. Unlike VW, Ford's recall doesn't actually affect any cars, but their charging cables instead.

The recall will impact 50,000 120-volt charging cables that were shipped with the 2012-2015 Focus Electric EV, 2013-2015 Fusion Energi, and 2013-2015 C-Max Energi plug-ins. Ford says that using the cables with an "AC outlet that is not on a dedicated circuit or is damaged, worn or corroded may result in increased temperature at the wall outlet and potentially lead to a fire." The company says it is aware of "some fire reports," but didn't specify how many.

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It is worth noting that the cars themselves are perfectly safe, so owners will be "instructed to take their vehicle to a Ford dealer to have the factory-equipped 120-volt convenience charge cord replaced with the latest version of the 120-volt convenience cord that includes a thermistor, free of charge." This is a quick and simple fix to one of the most interesting automotive recalls we have seen recently.