Ford's Latest Performance Experience Will Let Raptor Owns Get Dirty

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By learning how to off-road in their trucks, that is.

We have all seen the horrible results when someone tries to go too fast in a car that they do not know how to control. That is why performance driving schools make so much sense. Some companies like to throw in driving school as a perk for buying one of their top models, while others do so for their cars will be driven the proper way. Ford has offered many of these programs including the ST Octane Driving Academy, the RS Adrenaline Academy, and free track time with all Shelby GT350 and GT350Rs. Now Ford is offering something a bit different.

Ford is now offering newly minted Raptor owners the chance to do more than just use their trucks to show off on paved roads. The automaker actually ran this program with the previous Raptor, but will now offer it once again with the redesigned, second generation 2017 truck.


Owners of all 2017 Raptors will be able to take part in the Raptor Assault Program at the Ford Performance Racing School in Grantsville, Utah. The experience includes classroom lessons followed by instruction on off-road driving, from rock crawling to extreme Baja. The school will provide safety gear and Raptor trucks, so owners don't have to worry about ruining their own car. Participants can also opt to take part in an on-road driving lesson in a Mustang GT for an added cost. Owners will need to pay for travel and hotel cost, but breakfast and lunch will be covered by Ford. Hopefully owners take advantage and learn how to use their new Raptors for their intended purpose.

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