Ford's Latest Weight-Saving Method For The GT Involves Smartphone Glass


More specifically, Gorilla Glass.

Speed and outright performance are what the upcoming 2017 Ford GT is all about. We’re still learning more details about the final production version (hopefully more to come at Detroit next month) but in the meantime the American automaker continues to reveal new details. And because all that speed and endurance racing cred will also rely heavily on weight saving methods, Ford is now saying that the GT will come equipped with a hybrid windshield made from Gorilla Glass. Yep, the very same material that’s now being used in smartphones.

Gorilla Glass is some 32 percent lighter than traditional glass and Ford claims that, when used as a windshield, will shave more than 12 pounds and improve acceleration.

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As opposed to Ford’s traditional windshields, which are made of two layers of annealed glass stuck together, Gorilla Glass has a strengthened inner layer as well as a noise-absorbing plastic layer in the middle, and even a strip of annealed glass on the outside. Bottom line: stronger and lighter than a traditional windshield, but Ford explains it all best in the included video.