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Ford's New Baby Bronco May Finally Have A Name

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No, it's not Baby Bronco.

Ford's decision to discontinue its traditional car lineup, including the Fiesta and Focus, in favor of more crossovers may ultimately pay off. For starters, the truck-based reborn Bronco SUV is coming soon, but clearly, it won't appeal to everyone. That's why an all-new crossover will appear with Bronco influence. We've known about the so-called "Baby Bronco's" existence for some time now and there have even been some leaked images originally from a Ford dealer meeting Las Vegas. Though the final decision is not fully clear, this new crossover definitely has the look of an SUV. So, what will it be called?

One previous rumor was Bronco Scout, but Ford Authority has learned from an anonymous source familiar with Ford's future products that a different name has been decided. What is it? Bronco Adventurer.

This new crossover will ride on a unibody platform, likely the one underpinning the all-new 2020 Escape, but will sport a more rugged-looking appearance. The latest Escape has been criticized by some for looking too soft or minivan-like, but Ford countered that argument with data indicating consumers wanted more toned down styling. This also opens the door for the Bronco Adventurer. Although this platform, internally called C2, is front-wheel-drive based, all-wheel drive will be optional, just as it is on the Escape and its Lincoln cousin, the Corsair.

Remember, AWD and 4WD are not the same thing, as the latter utilizes a driver-selectable system that mechanically engages the drive to all four wheels.

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An AWD vehicle, meanwhile, drives all of the wheels all of the time, meaning the system has to have a mechanism like a limited-slip differential or an electronically controlled clutch allowing for a rotational difference between the front and rear axles. The new Bronco will have 4WD, just like the Ranger pickup truck while the Bronco Adventurer will have optional AWD and standard FWD.

We're expecting more updates to arrive in the near future because Ford intends to launch the Bronco Adventurer for the 2021 model year.