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Ford's New High-Tech Creation Could Be A Game Changer

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We like what we see from Ford's first competitive EV.

In a bid to move away from sedans and hatchbacks (while taking a shot at Tesla), Ford is working on an all-new electric crossover with Mustang-inspired styling. We still aren't sure what this new EV will be called, but Ford has trademarked the name 'Mustang Mach E,' so that seems like the most likely name. When it arrives, the Mustang Mach E is expected to have an impressive range of 370 miles, which should give the Tesla Model Y a run for its money.

Ford isn't quite ready to reveal the Mach E, but it does have another EV that it just revealed in China. It's called the Territory EV and if this is where Ford is heading with its future electric SUVs, color us impressed.

The Ford Territory is a China-only model built with joint partner Jiangling Motors. We don't have an equivalent model here in the US, but the Territory basically sits between the EcoSport and Escape. This new EV model reminds us of the EcoSport, only it's far more handsome since the Territory EV doesn't look as stubby as the EcoSport and the headlights and taillights are more modern.

Ford says the Territory EV is rated for 360 kilometers (224 miles) of range on the NEDC cycle. This only translates to around 155 miles on the EPA testing cycle, but that's still far more impressive than Ford's last electric model, the Focus EV, which only had 100 miles of range.

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Inside, the Territory EV looks like a high-quality SUV. The 10-inch central touchscreen comes standard, as does the 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster that's specific to the EV model. Aside from these changes, the only other major difference is a new transmission lever.

Ford has also packed the Territory EV with standard safety features such as collision warning, parking assist, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, and intelligent high beam control. The Territory EV is the first electric model to spawn from Ford's new China strategy, which includes 30 new and upgraded vehicles (10 of which will be electrified) bearing both Ford and Lincoln badges.