Ford's New Interiors Are Getting Inspiration From The Unlikeliest of Sources

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Your butt and eyes will thank you.

Ford is taking inspiration from the airline industry and Office Max in order to create the ergonomic portions of their interiors. The reason behind this is so that they can produce a one-size-fits-all pair of front seats in order to homogenize their production lines, save cost on parts, and create comfortable seats that can be used on all cars and bottoms. Ford claims that the seats will actually be more comfortable than previous generations of seats, which means they aren't taking cues from airline economy seating.

By studying office chairs and airplane seats, Ford will design a comfortable universal chair that bolsters hips but maintains limb mobilization. The seats can be covered in cloth or leather and be capable of 30 different configurations so that they can be applied to a broad range of cars. The configurable features include inflatable lumbar supports, massage bladders, bolstering, additional thigh supports, cushion extensions, and heating or cooling systems. The ability to use one piece of tech on multiple cars has allowed Ford to go from having 26 different seat configurations in 2013 to just four now and may keep them from running out of seats.

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