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Ford's Off-Road Division Might Be Up To Something Awesome

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Instead of a Bronco Raptor, perhaps it'll have this name instead.

Ford has learned a lot from the F-150 Raptor, mainly that Americans are more than willing to pay big bucks for serious off-roading capabilities. Why bother going aftermarket when you can get something equally incredible directly from the factory and with a warranty? Unfortunately, there's still no Ranger Raptor in the US but we also know the reborn Bronco is on its way. Will there be a Bronco Raptor one day? Perhaps, but we're not so sure it'll have the Raptor moniker. Instead, it may have one of two new trademarked nameplates Ford has just filed for.

According to Ford Authority, the Blue Oval filed trademarks for yet another off-road sounding name: Badlands. About a year ago, Ford filed for the Adrenaline name as well.

Obviously it hasn't been used yet, but both trademarks applications are for the use of "Land motor vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles, pick-up trucks, and sport utility vehicles." Are these two trademarked names planned for off-road trim levels or, perhaps, for a new vehicle entirely? After all, we recently learned that Ford is seriously interested in launching a direct competitor to the Jeep Gladiator. A Ford Badlands actually sounds pretty, well, badass.

Even if Badlands and/or Adrenaline are intended to be used for special packages, that's also fine. However, Ford Authority has reason to believe the Badlands trademark hints at Ford's intention to use it as another off-road package, though it's not (yet) linked to a specific model.

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It's possible this name will act as sort of an off-road version of the sporty ST line. Think of it as a competitor to Jeep's Trailhawk packages. Come to think of it, a Bronco Badlands also sounds great.

Interestingly, it turns out Ford is not the first automaker to apply and receive the Badlands trademark. General Motors began doing so back in 2015 but it never completed the registration process.