Ford's Plan For New Drone Technology Is Simply Brilliant

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Now this is something we can get behind.

While automakers are looking to for ways to take drivers out from behind the wheel with autonomous systems, Ford's been busy on trying to make its vehicles more useful. Instead of vehicles communicating with one another, Ford revealed a new developer program at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where the automaker hopes to encourage vehicle-to-drone technology. The automaker teamed up with DJI to encourage companies to find ways for drones and cars to communicate for emergency situations.

This may not sound like a technological marvel or an all-new idea, but the drone can be controlled by the Ford's infotainment screen and be used in a variety of situations.

According to Ford, the goal of the DJI Developer Challenge is to create a surveying system for the United Nations Development Program that can be used to aid people affected by natural disasters. The idea behind the technology is for a truck to get as close to a disaster as possible and deploy the drone. It's not a revolutionary idea, but it is a good one. Since this is a program, developers will need to create a system that allows the vehicle and the drone to stay in contact at all times. The data gathered by the drone can be shared with the driver's smartphone and the drone should be able to find the vehicle at any time. The winner will receive $100K and applicants can sign up on the DGI Developer Challenge website through March 10.

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