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Ford's Plans To Dominate The Jeep Wrangler Come Into Focus

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Ford could start by building a Bronco to rival the Wrangler Rubicon for one.

Lately, rumblings coming from the darkest corners of the Ford Motor Company have alluded to new and interesting developments supposedly coming to the Blue Oval's truck and SUV portfolio. The most far-reaching rumor insinuated that Ford was jealous of the Jeep Gladiator and is working on a Bronco-based mid-size pickup truck. There has also been word that Ford is thinking about bringing the Raptor name to the Bronco SUV and enables Ford's most rugged SUV to put the hurt on the Jeep Wrangler.

And most recently, there was news that Ford had trademarked the names "Badlands," "Adrenaline," and "Wildtrak," signaling that special editions of the Ranger may be on the way.

In the automotive world more is not enough and too much is just right, and the latest news out of All Ford Mustangs claims that the Blue Oval has also trademarked two new names. Those names are "Bronco Big Bend" and "Bronco Outer Banks," which lean on the "Bronco" in their names to eliminate any confusion over which vehicle they'll be attached to. Both names were trademarked on July 25, signaling that Ford has recently gotten to the stage where it has fully fleshed out the mass-market Bronco and is working on the special edition models.

As with other Ford special edition models, the two names are references to famously beautiful parts of the US. Big Bend is a national park in Texas while Outer Banks is a group of islands off the North Carolina coast that are famous as vacation spots.

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Based off of those two names, it's possible to infer that Ford is not only thinking about rugged off-road special editions of the Bronco, like the Bronco Raptor, but also about more comfortable long-distance cruising versions that are perfect for family vacations located off the beaten path. Both Big Bend and Outer Banks have areas where off-road-capable SUVs are needed, but neither holds the same kind of off-roading clout as the Rubicon trail or Moab, Utah.

Unfortunately, we'll have to keep playing the waiting game to see exactly what Ford is planning. As with all trademarked names, it's perfectly possible that neither of the two monikers actually make it to a production vehicle.