Ford Says Bronco Sport Was Raised By Goats

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The new "Built Wild" campaign kicks off.

Ford wants to make one thing very clear about its all-new 2021 Bronco Sport: it will go anywhere owners need it to go. Whether that's your favorite climbing spot, trailhead, or camping site, the Bronco Sport is ready thanks to its independent front and rear suspension, seven terrain management technologies, and all-wheel drive. The fact it was "Raised by Goats" certainly doesn't hurt.

Ford has just revealed on its official YouTube channel the first of three new commercials to celebrate the launch of the Bronco Sport. The G.O.A.T Modes were a specific highlight. G.O.A.T stands for "Goes Over All Terrain," an acronym that was the original internal code name for the 1966 Bronco, and the new TV and online spots clearly show this.


"Raised by Goats," shown above, is the first of the three campaigns and it was filmed in Washington state on Mt. Baker, a volcano in North Cascades National Park. It made complete sense to have goats in the commercial. Filming the animals wasn't so easy, as it turns out.

"We decided early on that we wanted to make this true to nature, using real animals in an authentic environment," said Stuart Jennings, creative director of Wieden+Kennedy New York, the agency behind the ads. "Goats are highly intelligent, but they're stubborn. Sometimes, they just don't want to listen. If they want to eat grass, they'll eat grass. We just had to wait sometimes and cheer them on to do their performance."

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All three spots are part of the "Built Wild" campaign and the first two focus specifically on the vehicle's off-road capabilities.

"We really wanted to walk the line on this one - the animals are adorable, but the focus is truly on Bronco Sport," Jennings added. "The idea is this vehicle is built for the wild, it's rugged and tough, and the ultimate takeaway is Bronco has G.O.A.T. Modes. We allude to that all the way through. It's not just a knob on the vehicle - it's a system that can take you nearly anywhere you want to go."

The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport is now on sale in dealerships nationwide and demand is already high.

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