Ford Says More Maverick Parts And Accessories Are Coming

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Maverick owners will be spoilt for choice.

The 2021 Chicago Auto Show marked our first opportunity to see the new 2022 Ford Maverick pickup truck up close and in the metal. Anyone who thought Ford's baby pickup wouldn't be a "proper truck" can rest easy because the Maverick looks properly bold in person. We've already seen that non-truck owners are flocking to the Maverick, but traditional truck owners should also find plenty to love.

CarBuzz sat down with Marketing Manager Trevor Scott to discuss who might consider the Maverick as their next vehicle. "They are coming from different segments, looking at a truck for the first time," Scott said, sounding confident the Maverick would not cannibalize Ranger sales. "People are looking to take the Ranger off-road. Ranger has not cannibalized F-150."


Truck owners love to customize their vehicles and in this regard, the Maverick won't disappoint. The Maverick on display in Chicago showed off the Flexbed, with a painted 2x6 locking a mountain bike into place. "We have a lot more bed accessories coming, with a QR code to find do-it-yourself options," Scott explained. Ford will release new options such as tonneau covers, storage dividers, and cargo nets, but the Maverick is unique because it allows owners to craft their own parts.

As with the bed, owners will have an opportunity to customize the Maverick's interior. The Ford Integrated Tether System (FITS) accommodates 3D-printed items such as a cupholder. Scott says he expects owners to create useful attachments such as a tablet/smartphone mount, decorative items, and other unique solutions that Ford's engineers haven't thought of.

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Open Trunk Ford
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Scott wasn't ready to share what engine choice - the hybrid or the 2.0-liter EcoBoost- Ford anticipates will be in higher demand. "We will build them to demand, but we are in a unique position because the hybrid drivetrain is usually optional," he said, explaining that the standard hybrid drivetrain should entice buyers with affordability and efficiency. "And because it's a unibody, you get ride and handling like a small SUV."

Ford may dominate this segment in terms of fuel economy, but we wondered if the Maverick will ever get more than the 250-horsepower offered from the EcoBoost engine. "We are never going to say no," Scott answered. "We shaved two years off the development cycle with cross-platform sharing," meaning there could be plenty of time to create a performance variant.


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