Ford Says New Versions Of F-150, Maverick And Bronco Are Coming

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Ford has some hot new metal in the works.

Some interesting nuggests of information emerged from Ford's Q2 2022 Earnings call this week. CEO Jim Farley confirmed the Mustang's debut at the Detroit Auto Show, and the Blue Oval's boss also discussed the F-150, Maverick, and Bronco. According to Farley, three of Ford's most popular models have some incredible variants in the works.

"Our design center is filled with new products and derivatives that will further strengthen our hit vehicles in the ICE and hybrid franchises like F-150 and Bronco and Maverick," Farley said.

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We recently uncovered a trademark filing for the Maverick Lightning (and Ranger Lightning), but as he used the word hybrid and not electric, we think he's referring to something else.

Ford has previously acknowledged it was experimenting with an AWD version of the existing hybrid Maverick, so that could very well be what Farley was talking about. It's been a while, but we've also uncovered patents for a Maverick Tremor, so that could also be in the works at Ford. "You can only imagine the kind of things that we're cooking up in our design studio with Maverick," concluded Farley.

Farley also dropped hints about a new SuperDuty F-150. Really, that's all he said, so we won't speculate too much here. This could be anything, from a model-specific update to more far-reaching changes to the truck.

Besides, the prospect of a luxury Bronco is more interesting. People love to make fun of Bronco (and Jeep owners, more often) for parking their cars in lots instead of at trailheads. For those folks, Farley said that "you can imagine high-end versions, all sorts of things."

We certainly like the idea of a more uprated interior for the Bronco. While there are already roughly 77 zillion ways to build out a Bronco (and believe us, we do so endlessly), all trims are extremely off-road focused. It'd be nice to see the other side of that horse-shaped coin. We imagine we'll hear more at the 2022 Detroit Auto Show this September. That's always a huge event for Ford.

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