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Ford Settles With California Dealership That Sold John Cena's Ford GT

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Consider the entire John Cena-Ford GT matter closed.

According to Jalopnik, only a day after pro wrestler John Cena settled a lawsuit with Ford over the sale of his GT supercar to a private dealership, that dealership opted to settle as well. Last November, Ford sued California-based New Autos, Inc. for buying and then selling Cena's GT, which was in direct violation of the purchase agreement Cena signed with the automaker. New Autos, Inc. claimed it was not aware of the agreement when it was sued, and therefore had every right to buy it from Cena and subsequently resell it.

The dealership further stated in its defense that the lawsuit came too late because the GT had already been sold. But Ford stuck to its guns and its purchase agreement. Corporate lawyers are awesome. It was never about money, as the Cena settlement proves; the entire undisclosed sum Cena paid Ford was donated to charity. No word yet on whether New Autos, Inc. agreed to a similar deal. So why did Cena sell his Ford GT in the first place? He supposedly needed the money and really didn't think Ford would care all that much. He was wrong. Strangely, we haven't heard anything regarding the resale of yet another Ford GT at a Mecum Auctions event not long ago.

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The Ford GT in question was sold for $1.6 million, far above its original $450,000 - $500,000 original price. The purchase agreement all Ford GT buyers had to sign involved several things, one of which was a commitment not to sell the car for at least two years. All GT buyers were hand-picked by Ford who wants them to serve as brand ambassadors of sorts. Chances are the next time Ford launches another extra special car, John Cena's application will immediately be tossed in the bin.