Ford Shares Helpful How-To Video For Maverick Electrical Accessories

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Installing bed rail lighting and an air compressor has never been easier.

When Ford revealed the Maverick earlier this year, the two aspects that immediately stood out were its excellent gas mileage figures and its price of below $20,000. But there are a number of smaller details that make the Maverick a genuinely useful truck. For instance, the Maverick comes with two 12-volt 20-amp prewired sources at the back that can be used to power various electrical accessories. It's not quite as hardcore as the F-150 hybrid that can power two RVs, but useful nevertheless. Ford's solution creates a few safe DIY opportunities for owners who don't mind getting hands-on with their new truck, and has now released a fun instructional video for how to install bed rail lighting and set up an air compressor yourself.

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The 12-volt power sources are accessible on either side of the back of the bed and concealed with covers that are easy to remove. Gaby Grajales - pictured below - is the Electric Program Management Team Leader and helped to develop this handy feature. The Maverick also comes with available 11-volt 400-watt outlets for powering things like jigsaws or smaller TVs.

The video starts off with the process of installing the bed rail lighting. This requires materials like a soldering kit, two IP68 waterproof rated lighting strips, and electrical shrinkwrap. Together with all the other materials, the total cost is only around $60.

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Ford's visual video includes a safety check so even novices can perform the installation safely. It's worth it, as the bed lighting looks brilliant when it's all done. It's also less than half the price of the Touchlink truck bed lighting by Lumens, a $200 option on the base Maverick.

Next, the air compressor installation requires an air compressor not exceeding 15 amps, a marine-grade 12-volt power plug, another E-DIY power adaptor from Ford, and some other smaller materials also amounting to about $60. Once again, the very simple process requires a minimal amount of wiring and cutting. The compressor itself can be stored in the cubby on the side of the bed.

Ford's prewired sources prevent customers from needing to hack into the wiring harness, making installation of commonly used accessories as easy as possible.

Ford Motor Company/YouTube
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Ford Motor Company/YouTube

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