Ford Shifts Marketing Focus To Keep Customers From Leaving

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Some customers are upset over the decision to kill off sedans and hatchbacks.

Following the decision to discontinue all sedan and hatchback models except for the Mustang, Ford knows that it needs to change its marketing focus moving forward. So far, this has involved cutting advertising for models like the Focus and Fusion but will now include a new set of commercials under its 'Built Ford Proud' campaign.

These commercials will begin airing throughout college football this weekend and focus on explaining how Ford is set to replace 75% of its US lineup by 2020, including the all-new Ranger, Escape, and Explorer next year, and an all-electric performance SUV in 2020.

Many of the ads star Bryan Cranston, best known for playing Walter White in Breaking Bad and for starring in Malcolm in the Middle. Our favorite commercial is the 60-second "The Future is Built" ad, where Cranston delivers a monologue, emphasizing how keynote addresses and speeches don't get things done - work gets things done.

This seems like a pretty clear dig at automakers like Tesla, who seem to repeatedly over promise and under deliver with big announcements for the future.


The other focus of the ad campaign is keeping customers from leaving the Ford brand. With the announcement to kill off all non-SUV models except the Mustang, Ford is taking a huge gamble that its sedan and hatchback customers won't leave the brand instead of switching to an SUV.

Instead of focusing on attracting new customers, this campaign will include a new customer service program that is modeled after frequent flyer rewards. Ford hopes that the rewards, along with an updated lineup of SUVs and crossovers, will be enough to keep customers loyal.


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