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Ford Shows Off F-150 Concepts Ahead Of SEMA

SEMA 2014

You can probably count on a few more being at the actual show.

As the best-selling pickup truck of all time, and still the current sales leader, the Ford F-150 is obviously a pretty important vehicle for SEMA, especially with a new model for 2015. So Ford is bringing a couple of modified F-150s to this year's show ahead of what we’re sure will be a flood of parts and modifications from aftermarket suppliers. The first truck is for off-road racer Brian Deegan, who raced a Raptor for the Ford factory team.

There is no Raptor version yet of the new F-150, and Ford is sure to use the reaction to Deegan’s truck as a guide for the new off-road racer. The second truck was built for a very different purpose, that being for drifter (like as in a driver who drifts, not a bum) Vaughn Gittin Jr. The truck is noticeably lower and is clearly intended for much more on-road purposes. We don’t have any specs on either of these vehicles yet, but it’s pretty clear that a lot of work has gone into them. What do you think of the two offerings, and how do they stack up to Ford’s previous SEMA trucks?

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