Ford Shows Off Some Of The Accessories Coming To The Ranger

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The company went to great lengths to provide customers with durable accessories.

While we currently have to make do with the outgoing Ranger, select markets across the globe have already received the handsome new derivative. Australia, for example, received its first batch some time ago and customers can already specify and order their dream Raptor via the configurator. When perusing the Australian website, we were a bit disappointed to see very few optional extras or accessories.

However, it seems another truck-loving market has an answer. Ford South Africa has unveiled a bevy of lifestyle and off-roading accessories for the new Ranger and the Everest, a piece of forbidden fruit not destined for our shores. Annoyingly, the Blue Oval has shared just two pictures - but what we've seen so far certainly looks promising.

"Our goal was to create the most comprehensive, factory-backed accessory catalog we've ever had - expanding the versatility of Ranger and Everest for our customers and allowing them to work, play and explore with family," said Ford's Michael Karageorgiou.

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The automaker has certainly met this goal. As seen above, the Everest and Ranger look ready for adventure when kitted out with the approved accessories. The pickup truck can be seen with a reinforced color-coded bumper and bull bar, as well as unique roof racks. The Everest looks meaner still; a more substantial bull-bar-and-bumper combination affords greater protection when exploring off the beaten path.

There are some rally-style auxiliary lights on the grille, and thanks to the raised ride height, we can see the solid-looking bash plate. Fitted to the roof of the capable SUV is a platform for a rooftop tent, turning the Everest into a bona fide overlanding vehicle. While these look the part, Ford had to make sure they were able to withstand the toughest of conditions by testing them in real-world environments.

"We took the cars and for two weeks we went to the Victorian high country and we lived out of them, off the grid, camping," explained the company's Nathan Medbury.


Ford even consulted with keen off-road enthusiasts who provided feedback on certain products and accessories. Medbury notes that it was important to gain the approval of its target audience, who could easily turn to the aftermarket for well-designed add-ons.

As is the case in America, truck buyers enjoy personalizing their vehicles with specialist equipment. However, fitting these lifestyle accessories can often be a daunting task. The Ranger and Everest have been designed from the ground up to accommodate these important features. Medbury added, "We know our customers will want to personalize their vehicles to suit their individual needs, so [...] we ensured that we made it easier to upfit the vehicle."

When it arrives in the United States, buyers will certainly appreciate the medley of genuine extras, some of which we've already seen. Once the Raptor hits local soil, it's only a matter of time before off-roading enthusiasts kit the desert-destroying pickup truck with a variety of accessories. It could very well be the ultimate mid-size pickup truck.

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