Ford Spent Nearly $200,000 On A Tesla Model X Just To Rip It Apart

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Probably not such a bad investment, really.

Despite a few initial production flaws that'll be sorted out shortly, the Tesla Model X is a force to be reckoned with in the auto industry. The all-electric SUV represents another leap forward for Tesla, proving that its technology can be properly adapted to the extremely popular and hot-selling SUV/crossover segment. Other automakers, obviously, have taken notice. Take Ford, for example. According to Bloomberg, Ford paid $55,000 over the sticker price for the 64th Model X off the production line, which is part of the limited edition Founder Series.


The final bill of sale came to $199,950. Obviously Ford is wasting no time in getting its hands on a vehicle it considers to be a real threat. Or perhaps Ford engineers are simply curious to check the thing out. The reason is probably both, but it's not at all unusual or new for automakers to buy their competitors' latest. These cars aren't only used to tear down to get a better look at their tech, but also for road testing. An analyst from told Bloomberg she wouldn't at all be surprised to learn that other major automakers, such as GM and Toyota, are also early Model X buyers for the same reasons as Ford. "Everybody should be exposed to one of your hottest competitors," the analyst summarized.

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