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Ford Sponsoring Woodward Dream Cruise After Chevy Bailed


Way to step up, Ford.

Detroit’s Woodward Dream Cruise is an annual summer tradition. A celebration of car culture and the city and people who live, dream and own them, the 23rd Woodward Dream Cruise will take place this August 19. But this year’s event won’t have its longtime sponsor. Automotive News reports that Chevrolet has decided to drop out as the event’s key sponsor, but fortunately, Ford has stepped up and signed a one-year deal with planning officials.

Chevrolet previously announced its decision, effectively ending a six-year deal. For a brand that loves the slogan "Hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet," this was a somewhat surprising move. A company spokesman explained the decision to drop out was done because its marketing team determined it wasn’t an effective way to spend on advertising. Chevy’s deal, originally inked back in 2011, was initially a three-year sponsorship worth more than $1 million. MotorCity Casino was the previous sponsor, shelling out some $80,000 yearly to do so. But Ford sees value in sponsoring this celebration of America and its cars.

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“Dream Cruise is all about the sheer joy and freedom of the automobile, and Ford has always celebrated car culture,” states Ford vice president of US market and sales Mark LaNeve. Ford is also contributing to Detroit’s revival by hosting the Mustang Alley event for the 19th year in a row. Quite obviously, it’s an opportunity for Mustang owners from across the country to gather and celebrate their beloved pony car. Along with sponsoring the 2017 cruise, Ford is also adding its Driving Skills for Life program in an effort to help young people learn safe driving with a new virtual reality app. Those who are planning to be in Detroit on August 19 will experience around 40,000 classic cars taking part.