Ford SVT Raptor RV Goes Camping

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As if the "standard' Ford SVT Raptor wasn't crazy enough off road, then this modified version will surely make family road trips even more interesting. A company named Phoenix Campers has now built a pop-up camper unit that fits inside the 5.5 foot truck bed. In fact, the unit is so precisely designed that owners will still have the ability to shut the tailgate. According to the company, it has a refrigerator, three burner stove, and a double sink with a water tank.

In fact, a queen-size bed fits in the cabover section. The unit is available in any body color along with the Raptor's signature "mud" stickers. The weight of the unit wasn't announced, nor was a price. And while it may not be the most attractive thing to have on the back of an SVT Raptor, it certainly adds versatility to what's perhaps the coolest factory-built off-roader ever.

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