Ford Teases Ford GT Special Edition Dripping In Gold

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This one celebrates the third-place finisher at Le Mans 1966.

When it comes to special editions, the Ford GT is one of the most prolific self-marketing machines around. Every little while, Ford reveals a new version of the car, with the changes being almost always entirely cosmetic. In August last year, we saw a '64 Prototype Heritage Edition, and then in December, a red, gold, and white GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition was teased ahead of its full reveal at last month's Chicago Auto Show. Now the teaser campaign begins all over again, as Ford prepares to introduce yet another reminder of its dominance over Ferrari at Le Mans in 1966.

The new teaser reveals that the next Ford GT special creation is the Holman Moody Heritage Edition, another tribute to the brand's famous 1-2-3 finish at Le Mans in 1966. Thus, the body is finished in the same gold paint with red and white accents that made the Holman-Moody team's racer stand out. It's a nice touch of respect to the team that helped achieve that stunning photo finish, as the Holman-Moody GT40 came home in third place. In addition, the company helped Ford develop a 427-cubic-inch engine. Unfortunately, there won't be any special engine upgrades in 2022, as past Heritage Edition models have only seen aesthetic changes limited to color schemes and wheels.


Still, there is hope that we'll see a truly special runout model as a send-off before the current Ford GT is sent to the scrapyard in the sky. If that is the case, we expect to see it soon, as rumors point to an end of GT production towards the end of this year. Unfortunately, Ford hasn't confirmed anything and a mysterious prototype spotted in June last year was confirmed to be an aftermarket creation. Whatever happens next for Ford's supercar, the special edition we've been teased with won't be cheap. We'll have more details when it is revealed later this year, likely in Spring.

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