Ford Teases More V8 Mustang Noise Days Before Reveal

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We're not complaining.

Right now, we're less than two days away from the debut of the new seventh-generation Ford Mustang. The car will debut in Detroit at this year's auto show. However, before then, Ford is leading a Stampede into Detroit, engaging with fans and teasing the new vehicle along the way.

This latest teaser lets us hear more of the new car's V8 engine but also showcases a little detail of the new Mustang, including the finer details of its dash and start/stop button. The short clip shows the pony car being fired up with the V8 being revved a little and is the second such teaser we've been given on the eight-cylinder engine in action.

The new 'Stang's start/stop button features an interesting new font (we'll get to the exhaust note in a bit). The font isn't anything we recognize, but knowing Ford, it'll have been used at some point in Mustang history. Probably on some car's dash from 1970-whenever.

Of course, that also confirms the new 'Stang will have push-button start. It's a common feature, but not every new car has it. There appears to be some sort of carbon-fiber-like trim surrounding at least part of the button as well. Carbon fiber is typically reserved for performance models, so we suspect the model being teased - and the car that will be used as the halo of the launch - will be the new Ford Mustang GT Performance trim as previously teased.


Arguably more important than fonts and start buttons and carbon trim, there's a V8 to listen to. The visuals may be inside the car, but the audio sounds like it's been recorded from outside the car.

It sounds remarkably similar to another V8 Mustang exhaust teaser we got at the end of August but revs a little more. Still, V8 noises are V8 noises, and you'll have to listen to the trailer yourself to make some judgments. It's not really anything new - after all, we're expecting the current Coyote V8 to carry over to the new S650-gen car. On the upside, plans to give the Mustang AWD and a hybrid system have allegedly been scrapped.


As for the powertrain in the new model, new emissions requirements clearly haven't hampered the car's V8 bellow at all, although its power was capped at the start of 2022. This hasn't stymied rumors that a more powerful version is coming, however, with as much as 500 horsepower expected from a GT derivative - which could be the new GT Performance.

There's a lot of speculation, and aside from the V8 and the manual gearbox, not much as been confirmed. But we don't have long to wait, though, as the new car will be revealed tomorrow night.

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