Ford Teases Mustang GT Performance For Next-Gen Pony Car

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The previous GT Performance Package might now be a standalone model.

The all-new Ford Mustang will be unveiled on 14 September at an event the company is calling The Stampede. As we've come to expect from manufacturers, there will be several teasers leading up to the event. Last week we heard the Coyote V8 roar for the first time, and now we have new footage of the trunk closing. Exciting, right? Well, actually, it is.

In this teaser video, it's a case of spotting what's missing. If you're a Mustang fan, you'll have clocked it immediately. The all-new Mustang no longer has a piece of gloss black plastic between the rear light clusters. This has been a standard fixture on all models, stretching from the base EcoBoost to the Shelby GT500. There's also a new take on the GT badge - which denotes the use of a V8 under the hood.

Ford Mustang/Facebook Ford Mustang/Facebook

What's particularly enticing about the new badge is that it has the word "Performance" carved into it. A Performance Package itself is not new to the Mustang family, as it's currently the name of a package available on the 2022 Mustang. It retails for $6,700 and adds several performance modifications, including six-piston Brembo brakes with larger rotors at the front, heavy-duty front springs, a performance rear wing, strut brace, a Torsen differential, and unique chassis tuning.

But Ford deciding to incorporate it into the badging suggests it may be more than just a package and could be a standalone trim. We'd imagine the basic premise to be the same, but it could give the Mustang a broader reach with a Performance derivative to cater to enthusiasts, while the current base and Premium models could cater to buyers looking for a little more luxury or perhaps just a cheaper entry to the brand.


Doing so with the sports car would follow the same school of thought used on its electric namesake, as the GT Performance Edition made its debut as a standalone model on the Mustang Mach-E earlier this year.

As for what to expect from the rest of the car, the overall design seems like it's going to be more of an evolution rather than a revolution (see image above). This makes sense as the car will be based on an advancement of the current chassis. The Mustang spy shots we've seen so far appear to back this up. We've seen some big wheels and low-profile tires with what seems to be a rather large brake caliper - which could be the GT performance derivative undergoing development.

Under the hood, both the EcoBoost and V8 powertrains will continue, while the rumored AWD and hybrid systems have allegedly been canceled. Ford has confirmed that the seventh-gen 'Stang will be available with a manual gearbox.


Other small details in the teaser video point to a few more extra bits of information.

The color, for one, appears to be brand-new, sitting somewhere between Iconic Silver and Grabber Blue. It's not a particularly wild color, but we'll reserve comments until the entire car has been revealed.

A the start of the video, there's also Mustang-branded luggage. Is this an attempt to go more upmarket? We doubt it.

The outgoing Mustang already has a 13.5 cubic foot trunk, which is larger than some executive sedans, making the Mustang a perfect sports car/grand tourer combination. Model-specific luggage is an easy way to help customers get even more out of their vehicles and looks fantastic, but we suspect Ford was merely using the merchandise as a prop for the teaser video, nothing more.

We don't have long to wait for it to all come into focus, however, as the reveal is just a few weeks away. Expect a plethora of teasers between now and then, though.

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