Ford Teases New Bronco Concept

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It's likely to be a collaboration with a popular outdoor goods brand.

When you've got a brand as strong as 'Bronco', you want to get the most out of it. That's what Ford is continuing to do. Following the reveal of the Bronco and Bronco Sport, Ford has since shared details of several off-road Bronco concepts and teased a Bronco Raptor.

But the company hasn't forgotten about the long and proud heritage of the Bronco, either. In its latest move, Ford shared three posts on social media, hinting at the arrival of a new Bronco concept vehicle in 2021 that follows in the footsteps of older Broncos, some of which served as patrol/rescue vehicles. In the images shared, older Broncos from 1967 up to 1977 are shown tackling a variety of outdoor roles, such as snow-plowing and mountain rescue operations.


The series of images ends with a blank 2021 canvas, which is presumably soon to be filled by what could be a special services Bronco. In the last caption, Ford also referenced the line "Might As Well Have The Best," which is the same slogan used by Filson, a North American manufacturer of clothing and goods for outdoor enthusiasts. This could point towards a collaboration of sorts, which would make sense based on the Bronco's positioning in the market.

On June 3, Filson itself posted an article about the Ford Bronco and mentioned the classic Bronco that did duty for the US Forest Service, where the model's excellent ground clearance and heavy-duty front axle were especially useful. Again, this points to a modern interpretation of these special services Broncos.

Along with this exciting news of a new Bronco concept, The Bronco Nation shared a story on Instagram indicating that the online configurator for the new Bronco will go live on Friday, October 23. Right now, the Ford website only offers the option of reserving a Bronco, not kitting one out with a choice of colors and options. The configurator will give buyers the chance to hone in on the finer details of their purchase. A user named Mabes on Bronco6G shared further confirmation of the Build and Price launch on October 23, along with the news that the Bronco won't be eligible for the X-Plan pricing for friends and family. However, Employee, Ford Retiree, and Dealer discounts will still apply.

We expect the Bronco to offer plenty of customization options, which it'll need to do to match the Jeep Wrangler in this aspect. By the end of the week, we'll know more about the configurator - and hopefully, the Bronco concept just teased by Ford.

Source Credits: Mabes/Bronco 6G

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