Ford Teases New F-150 Raptor Ahead Of Official Reveal

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That aggressive grille is unmistakable.

All the questions we have about the new Ford F-150 Raptor will finally be answered in just a few days. The high-performance truck is set to debut on February 3, and it's possible that two engines - an EcoBoost V6 and a V8 borrowed from the Shelby GT500 - will be on offer. We hope that the V8 isn't just a rumor because it'd make for an epic battle with the Ram 1500 TRX. To partially satiate our longing for the new Raptor, Ford has shared a new teaser image of the truck on social media, making a few more styling details visible.

Mike Levine/Twitter
Mike Levine/Twitter

The image was shared on Twitter by Mike Levine, the product communications manager for Ford North America, and in it, we can see a close-up view of the Raptor's grille. Like the outgoing Raptor, this one replaces the traditional Ford blue oval emblem on the grille with bold FORD lettering. A familiar mesh grille pattern and three lights embedded into the top section of the grille are also features shared with the outgoing Raptor. Then again, the similarities are not too surprising considering that the all-new F-150 has an evolutionary design.

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Front-End View F150gen14 / YouTube
Side View Driving F150gen14 / YouTube
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Aft View F150gen14 / YouTube

The previous F-150 Raptor made use of a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 developing 450 horsepower and 510-lb-ft of torque. It was quick, but not nearly as quick as the new Ram with its Hellcat-sourced V8. In the Mustang Shelby GT500, Ford's own supercharged V8 produces a much more potent 760 horses, which should endow the new Raptor with the firepower to take on its chief rival. As before, we expect the new Raptor to have strengthened underpinnings and chunkier rubber that will enable it to carry high speeds over treacherous terrain. If Ford lives up to its reputation for class-leading trucks, the TRX's reign at the top could be short-lived.

Forward Vision F150gen14 / YouTube
Front View Driving F150gen14 / YouTube
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