Ford Teases New Transit Trail With Factory Lift Kit

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The van life flock is gaining a new member.

OEMs have been missing out on a huge market here in America.

There just weren't enough options for factory-built camper vans in America. The van segment pales compared to SUVs and crossovers. Instead, you had to buy an RV or take a Sprinter van to someone who would convert it for you.

Ford is changing that. Ford Pro CEO Ted Cannic took to Twitter to tell the world that the Ford Transit, America's best-selling commercial van, is going to the private sector. You'll be able to buy a factory-built van, and one built specifically with the van life in mind.

Unfortunately, that's all Ford gave us. The new 2023 Transit Trail will offer "adventure-seeking capability alongside interior and exterior enhancements."

However, the next part of Ford's statement is a little ambiguous. It says the Transit Trail will provide "do-it-yourselfers and motorhome distributors a turnkey canvas direct from the factory."

It sounds like Ford will provide a platform, though not a built-out, ready-to-go model. With that in mind, we ran the teaser image (below) through some editing software to get a better look at the Trail (above). Predictably, there's not much to see aside from the lift.


That's still a pretty solid start if you ask us.

Vans don't often come from the factory with a lift kit. We can't be absolutely certain, but there appear to be some knobbly tires and upgraded wheels for the model as well. On top of that, it appears Ford has made some changes to the front fascia, as seen below.

The budget F-150 Raptor lights are the most obvious change, but the fascia itself also has a new pattern on the grille. Again, it's tough to tell, but we'd like to see a slightly raised bumper to enhance approach angles. We could say the same for the rear.

For now, we'll have to wait for more info from Ford.

Ford 2020-2023 Ford Transit Cargo Van Forward View Ford
2020-2023 Ford Transit Cargo Van Forward View

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2020-2023 Ford Transit Cargo Van Forward View

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