Ford Testing The Bronco Against The Jeep Wrangler In Australia's Outback

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More proof that Ford is dead serious about making this Bronco a winner. Watch out Jeep.

With Chrysler struggling to keep itself relevant now that the 200 is being killed of and the 300 is next in line for the execution block, FCA is struggling to find ways to keep itself relevant while it decides what to do next. Luckily, some of its most popular models are there to keep things churning and as we've seen from renderings that have recently popped up on the Internet, the Jeep Wrangler's upgrades will be enough to keep the machine going. Motoring thinks differently, though.

We recently got unofficial confirmation that Ford would be bringing the Bronco and Ranger back to the US from the UAW 900 plant chairman, Bill Johnson. Ford never followed up with its own confirmation, but thanks to the Australian automotive publication, we now have an added layer of security protecting the claims that both the mini truck and Jeep Wrangler competitor will make it to America. Motoring's sources have confirmed that development for the Bronco is underway at Ford's Victorian-based Asia-Pacific Product Development Center. The center is the home base for Ford's T6 ladder platform that underpins the global Ranger and the upcoming Ford Bronco.

To migrate the platform, Ford will likely make alterations to allow for multiple body styles including two and four-door models. US buyers will probably not see the diesel options available to the global market, but we can be sure to expect a few V6 engines available including twin-turbo EcoBoost units. Unlike many of the softer SUVs Ford has put out to satisfy the crossover craze, the Bronco should retain a rough and rugged appearance as well as actual off-road capabilities. To make sure the Bronco doesn't slip through the cracks and become a second-place option, Ford has reportedly purchased hardcore Rubicon versions of the two and four-door Wrangler in order to benchmark them against the Bronco. Don't Expect the return of the icon before 2020.

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