Ford to Build Two Gens of F-150 at Once?

Having both generations produced at once would help keep Ford on top of the truck sales battle.

Now this one is interesting. We’ve been hearing so much lately in regards to the next-generation Ford F-150 and how it will reportedly be around 750 lbs. lighter than the current model by using lots of lightweight aluminum in its construction. Today’s F-150 remains a hot seller and, many would argue, is still the best full-size pickup on the market. Partly because of this, word has it that Ford is considering building both generations side by side for about six months.

The current F-150 is just selling so damn well that Ford doesn’t want to ruin anything while the new model is phased in. Another reason why Ford may go ahead with this plan is to give its factories additional time to retool. Basically, Ford cannot afford any interruptions to production just when US sales of full-size pickups are on the upswing. Just to give you an idea of how well truck sales are today, they’re increasing at almost three times the pace of the overall industry. The F-150 is built at two factories and since the new truck will include all of that extra aluminum instead of steel, prepping the factories will take more time than usual.

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