Ford To Make Further Use Of New Focus RS AWD System

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A hot-foot Fusion? Fiesta RS, perhaps?

The new Focus RS has just arrived and Ford is already hinting at more plans for the hot hatch, specifically its all-wheel drive technology. The new Dynamic Torque Vectoring system is state-of-the-art tech that cost a bundle to develop and return on the investment likely won't happen with just a single model. Speaking to Autocar, Ford RS engineer Tyrone Johnson stated that "we've done the hard part in developing it to production. It would be fair to suggest that we'll be looking to use that technology in other ways in the future, having done that."

What's interesting about this tech is that, according to Ford, the system can send up to 100 percent of available power to just one wheel. It also virtually eliminates understeer, controlled track drifts are also easier to manage, and lateral grip in excess of 1G is possible. For now Ford isn't giving away any details, but we wouldn't at all be surprised to see the AWD system find its way into a high performance Fusion or maybe, just maybe, the rumored Fiesta RS. The major issue for the latter would be the added weight, but hopefully Ford will find a solution.

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