Ford Torino Becomes Creepy Art With Liquid Metal


We're just thankful that it isn't our job to interpret the art.

Before you read about this unique sculpture we feel we should tell you that we don't quite understand how it was made either. But in any case, the sculpture is the work of Romanian artist Ioan Florea, and it uses a 1971 Ford Torino as its base. Florea says that he chose the car because of the impression which big American cars used to make on him as a child. He found them fascinating, as well as a bit curious as to why the car was named after an Italian city.

Ioan Florea

As for the process of making the sculpture, well, as Florea put it, he used "nano-materials and nano-pigments that create an internal three-dimensional structure and dictate the polymer how to behave", as quoted to Autoblog. He also added that "the surface has the highest coefficient of reflectivity never achieved before". So we're guessing that we won't be seeing a whole lot of imitators popping up any time soon. We're not too sure what the statement is that the piece is making either, but this isn't ArtBuzz, so there's nothing unusual about that.

Ioan Florea
Ioan Florea
Ioan Florea
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