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Ford Trademarks Adrenaline For New Model

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Something or other will likely arrive with the name.

Ford has just moved to trademark the Adrenaline name with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. It's unclear what exactly Ford is planning to use the Adrenaline name for but there are strong indicators it could be some kind of sporty crossover or athletic trim line.

According to the documents first discovered by AutoGuide, Ford intends to use the name for "motor vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles, trucks, sport utility vehicles, off-road vehicles, and structural parts, fittings, and badges therefor." Quite clearly we know it will be a passenger vehicle and not some kind of digital app used for ridesharing or renting cars.

All things considered, we're most likely dealing with some kind of crossover given Ford's recent affinity for the high riding vehicles. That, and the company has announced it would be reducing its sedan lineup to zero, leaving the Mustang as its only conventional car.

Adrenaline could very well be the name slapped on the back of the 'Baby Bronco' the brand teased us with earlier this year, or it could be the name of the new Mustang-inspired sporty electric crossover that definitely won't be called Mach 1 anymore.

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Or it could simply be part of some new trim strategy along the lines of the company's previous work with the F-150 Tremor. Once upon a time there was a sporty version of the Explorer Sport Trac called the Adrenalin that was purposely missing the 'E,' which along with its big chrome wheels made it somewhat cool in the early part of this millennium.

A quick search of the US Patent and Trademark database didn't yield any results, which doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it could potentially indicate the Adrenaline name is something specific to the Canadian market.

Automakers will do that sometimes due to the difference in culture, like Nissan's choice to keep the Qashqai name in Canada but badge it as Rogue Sport for the American market, or Buick's hilarious need to rename the LaCrosse once upon a time because of unintended French translation issues.