Ford Turns The Fiesta Into The World's Tiniest Van

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We're getting flashbacks of the old Chevy HHR panel.

When we think of vans, we tend to visualize large, utilitarian boxes used to haul large amounts of stuff. Vans are designed with one purpose-to be spacious. But what if someone doesn't need a particularly large van, and what if that same buyer wants their van to be fun to drive? We didn't think such a buyer existed, but we don't live in Europe. Ford just revealed a panel-van version of the tiny Fiesta at the Commercial Vehicle show in Birmingham, England. Ford says the it can handle van duties without the typical, cumbersome size.


To create this odd vehicle, Ford ditched the rear seats and windows from a two-door Fiesta hatchback. The look reminds us a lot of the Chevy HHR from the late 2000s. In three-door form, Ford says the Fiesta Van can carry 35 cubic feet of cargo, with a payload capacity of around 1,102 pounds. Ford expects buyers to make the most of its load space, so it replaced the standard carpeting with rubber and added four tie-town hooks, a composite and mesh bulkhead, and durable sidewalls. Three engines will be available: an 84-horsepower 1.1-liter three-cylinder, a 123-hp turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder, and a 1.5-liter diesel with either 88 or 118 hp. Ford will even sell a sport version with 18-inch wheels and a dressed-up cockpit.

Unfortunately, Ford didn't make mention of a Fiesta ST Panel Van. Chevy made the bold decision to build an SS version of the HHR Panel with a 260-hp turbo engine, but Ford hasn't slipped into mad territory just yet. Ford will likely discontinue the Fiesta here beyond 2018, so there is little chance this van will make it our way.

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