Ford Unveils 10 Aftermarket Concepts For SEMA 2022

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The Bronco and F-150 Lightning feature heavily.

Ford is not messing around at the annual SEMA show. It took a total of 10 cars, modified by a wide selection of aftermarket royalty. It's a bit down from the 40 it showcased last year.

Essentially, Ford sent out its most popular cars to several modifiers and told them to do their best.

So let's not mess around and dig right into the stunning array of Fords on display at the world's biggest aftermarket show.


Mustang Mach-E: True Mustang Persona

  • Builder: Dom Tucci Design (Tucci Hot Rods)/Kay Automotive Graphics

The base car is a Mach-E GT with eAWD and a 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds. Tucci made the already aggressive GT look a bit more muscular with a custom lift-gate spoiler, fender arches with Tucci-made 3D-printed fender flares, vacuum-formed transparent wheel covers, and a 3D-printed front lip. Kay Automotive supplied the custom exterior wrap.

Parts from the Ford Accessories catalog include sill plates, door emblems, and a GT-badged tailgate. Interior accessories include a 140-degree dash cam, custom-painted trim accents, and Recaro seats with racing harnesses for the front passengers.


Bronco Sport: Off-Roading Heritage

  • Builder: Yakima/Hypertech

This car was built to answer a simple question: How far can the Bronco Sport go off-road?

To answer the question, Yakima and Hypertech took delivery of a 2.0-liter EcoBoost in Badlands trim. Aftermarket accessories include ARB portable air compressor, off-road recovery kit, exterior area, underbody lightning, and Aeroskin hood protector.

Accessories from the Ford Performance Parts catalog include Rigid Industries A-pillar lighting, a rooftop off-road lightbar, a Borla exhaust upgrade, an off-road recovery kit, a Noco GB-70 battery jump start pack, a rooftop tent, exterior lighting, a sound system, and a shower.


Bronco: Extreme Beach/Extreme Sports Support

  • Builder: Warn Industries

This build is based on the Ford Bronco 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost in Wildtrak trim. Obviously, the main attraction here is the Warn winch attached to the front, but it's not the only extra.

The Extreme Beach also comes with a 270-degree awning, fishing rod box, DANA D60 axle with 5.38 gearing, and Indel B refrigerator.


Bronco: Service Unit Vehicle

  • Builder: ARB

Yet another 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost in Wildtrak trim. ARB took inspiration from early 1900s rugged medical service vehicles with a modern twist.

Upgrades include tube doors, an under-hood air compressor, a jack mount, a winch, and a light bar. We hope this creation is donated to a place that actually needs it. It's one of the more useful cars on this list.

Ford Ford Ford

Maverick: Street Truck

  • Builder: LEER Group

The Maverick Street Truck is based on the humble 2.5-liter Hybrid, front-wheel drive in Lariat trim. It's meant to be a work truck, providing power to hobbyists and professionals in remote locations.

It has an expandable power station, toolbox, and roof rack. Ford Research also provided some of its solar panels, which connect to external charging ports to recharge a host of gadgets and tools.

Ford Ford Ford Ford

F-150 Lightning: Swiss Army Knife

  • Builder: Tjin Edition/Thule

This Ford F-150 Lightning in Lariat trim with an Extended Range battery will likely get the most attention, if only because of the wild green exterior and contrasting alloys. Oddly, there's no mention of who supplied these mods.

Thule obviously supplied the cargo box on the roof, but this model also has solar chargers, a portable air compressor, a refrigerator, a console vault, and Recaro front and rear seats.

Two Super73 e-bikes are mounted on the back of the truck, just in case you're in the mood for a stint on two wheels or if the EV truck runs out of charge.


F-150 Lightning: Race Support

  • Builder: Real Truck/Motor City Solutions

Yet another Lightning with the Extended Range battery, but in XLT trim. This truck does exactly what it says on the box. It provides support to off-road racers competing in the Baja 1000. Think of it as backup for the bonkers Bronco Raptor, which could likely take the Baja on in stock format.

It's equipped with an air compressor, leveling kit, off-road recovery boards and Recaro seats along with a fully mobile toolbox and welding equipment. The Retrax bed cover opens up to reveal a rail system and crossbars, and a spare wheel for a Raptor.

The custom wrap by Kay Automotive was inspired by the Bronco Desert Racer livery.

Ford Ford

F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid: Remote Off-Roading

  • Builder: BDS Suspension

Ford even has an F-150 for ICE fans. This is a 3.5-liter PowerBoost Hybrid, 4x4, SuperCrew, in Platinum trim.

It's built for remote off-roading and boasts 7.2 kW Pro Power Onboard, air compressor, Warn recovery kit, first aid kit, and console vault. There doesn't appear to be a place to sleep, but you can just chuck a tent in the load bed.


Transit: Digital Nomad

  • Builder: John Pangilinan

This is a 3.5-liter EcoBoost, SRW, all-wheel drive, High Roof/Long Wheelbase Cargo van. It's equipped with an air compressor, off-road assistance kit, sliding kitchen and refrigerator, and 270-degree awning.


Bronco: Off-Roading Performance

  • Builder: SEMA Businesswomen's Network

This car was designed by a team of over 250 women, including five mother-daughter teams. Ford specifically chose women from diverse backgrounds and with different skill sets, and they came up with a killer Bronco.

It has 4.70 gearing for both axles, a Warn winch, a Yakima two-person tent, rear-mounted ARB jack.


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