Ford Unveils A GT You Can Actually Afford

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It's no real GT, but for a lot of us, this is as close as we'll get.

Let's be real. A high percentage of the people who read this won't ever own a Ford GT. They're unobtanium and have been since the car's launch. These are 7-figure cars for the wealthy, famous, Ford fans of a lifetime. Thankfully, going virtual is here to help lower the price of entry for hypercar ownership again.

Ford and its Team Fordzilla esports team partnered with Next Level Racing, a manufacturer of sim racing rigs, to bring sim racing fans this: the GTEliete Ford GT Edition cockpit and ES1 Seat Ford GT Edition. Unfortunately, you can't buy either of these as a set, and pricing won't be announced until later this year. We know one thing. It's cheaper than a GT.

Ford 2018-2019 Ford GT Rear Angle View Ford
2018-2019 Ford GT Rear Angle View

"It is amazing to be collaborating with an iconic company like Ford to further close the gap between virtual and real motorsports. Partnering with Ford to introduce a GTElite Ford GT Edition cockpit shows the combined commitment between both companies to further grow the sim racing community," said Next Level Racing CEO Hess Ghah.

The cockpit itself gets a blue anodized frame, which closely resembles the GT's launch color, pictured below. On top of that, there is of course plenty of Ford and GT branding. The cockpit is massively adjustable as well, featuring adaptive sliders for wheels, pedals, handbrakes, keyboard mounts, and others.

2018-2019 Ford GT Front Angle View Ford Ford
2018-2019 Ford GT Front Angle View

The seat gets more of that iconic Ford blue, this time with Team Fordzilla esports branding, which can be found on the belts. There's also a GT logo in the same font as the real thing embossed into the headrest. Next Level Racing says the seat has been "specifically developed for sim racing." We think the branding is a bit unnecessary, seeing as you'll almost never look at it, but Ford says there's also Ford GT and Team Fordzilla branding on the anti-slip floormat.

Ford Ford

Pretty much anyone will fit in the seat, despite it being shaped for "racing." Next Level says anyone with up to a 42-inch waist will fit in the seat/cockpit combo, which is more than can be said for a lot of race cars. On top of that, the rig will hold up to 550 lbs (250 kg). Finally, the GTElite cockpit is compatible with just about any brand of race wheel, pedal, and shifter you'll want to mount. Both the seat and the chassis will be shown at gamescom in Cologne between August 24-28.

Ford Ford Ford

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2018-2019 Ford GT Rear Angle View 2018-2019 Ford GT Front Angle View

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