Ford Unveils Troller TR-X Concept in Brazil

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Ford's Brazilian truck subsidiary presents a new concept truck at the Sao Paulo Motor Show. We can't help but wonder if it could preview a new Bronco.

Back in 2007, Ford do Brazil bought a small local off-road truck manufacturer called Troller. The company has been building Jeep Wrangler knock-offs and small pickup trucks since the mid-90s, but at the recent Sao Paolo Motor Show, Ford and Troller kicked things up a notch with the concept truck you see here. Called the TR-X, the concept vehicle looks something like a cross between a Wrangler and a Toyota FJ Cruiser, with brushed chrome and dark satin metal trim contrasting with metallic green bodywork.

It rides on big knobby BF Goodrich tires, apcks little LED headlights and has a winch integrated right into the front bumper. While parts of the Troller TR-X concept are clearly for show, we can't help but wonder if Ford will actually put it into production - and maybe bring it up north as a new Bronco. After all, Icon has done most of the work for Ford paving the way for a Bronco revival, and could help the Blue Oval in the same way it helped develop the FJ Cruiser with Toyota.

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